Great news! You can now order from 10 boxes upwards online. Ideal for the smaller events such as children's birthdays, family gatherings etc

Event Box - Medium

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  • £12.60

Please be aware that shipping costs will be added in the last stage of the checkout.

Rather than choosing multiple amounts, order the amount you require (for example if you want 100 boxes order 100 don't order multiple of 10s as this will incur a more expensive delivery charge. If you don't see the amount you require call us and we can give a price for the amount you require.

Brown boxes range from £1.05 each (10 pack) to £0.62 each (2000 pack).

White boxes range from £1.15 each (10 pack) to £0.71 each (2000 pack).

Flat packed for compact storage Easy to assemble boxes Suitable for 2 people or a family of 2 Capable of holding

  • 2 pack of sandwiches
  • 1 bottle of wine or water
  • 3 small and 2 medium food bio boxes
  • Savoury packets confectionery and some fruit


  • The boxes are stackable empty but can also be stacked when packed.
  • Caterers can achieve a chill time of up to 4 hours.
  • A range of CMYK flood colours available (please contact us to order colours other than brown or white).
  • A custom colour of your choosing is also available.
  • All boxes are made from 4mm corrugated cardboard.


All the boxes Picnic Box UK offer can be customised to suit the needs of your business. Branding can be placed on the side panels or an all over print can be achieved. The boxes come in plain white or brown. Boxes can be an excellent way to promote logos, corporate identity, with informative or decorative designs - it gives your clients the incentive to buy your product offering a great vehicle for marketing opportunity. There are 3 forms of printing available to enhance our Products. Our supply partners have the capability, to create quality printed images. Flexographic: lowest cost up to 4 colours Silk Screen print: medium cost effective solution Lithographic: premium printing up to 6 colours ideal for intricate designs.

Product Uses

Our customers have found different uses for the boxes. So they aren't just a picnic box!

  • Picnic Box.
  • Events catering.
  • School trip lunches.
  • Corportate events such as teambuilding.
  • Snackboxes.
  • Food recipe club delivery, restaurant & takeaway.
  • Food and gift hampers
  • Chocolate collections
  • Party Boxes
  • Outings. Trips & Camping


    30cm x 20cm x 15 cm


    10.36 litre capacity