Great news! You can now order from 10 boxes upwards online. Ideal for the smaller events such as children's birthdays, family gatherings etc


Frequent Questions Asked

Q are your boxes easy to assemble ?

A Yes they go from flat pack to a box in just seconds just by folding the creases ( really easy )

Q What makes your boxes different to others ?

A There are many flimsy boxes on the market, and break and tear our boxes are made with 4mm cardboard and you can have full confidence in our product. We designed them with no split in the bottom so to stop spillage. We also offer a bespoke print of branding and a personal greeting on the panels if required.
If the box is being used for picnics as it does at times we can offer everything you would require for the picnic, including utensils cups, napkins, and a swan soft table cloth loose or fitted if required.

Q Do you give any guarantee with your products ?

A Yes we do we give a full 30 day money back guarantee for any unsatisfied customer.

Q how do you offer such a good product at such reasonable prices ?

A we buy large quantities from our supplier and demand larger discounts. With these we simply pass this down to our customers.

Q How quick can I get my order ?

A In general we turn around in the next working day. At worst, three working days for normal amounts. We suggest around seven working days for orders of from 2000 upwards Printed boxes and personal boxes around seven to ten working days, but on occasions can be quicker.
Q Can we get some samples to try first ?

A Yes we have a try before you buy. You order these on line for a small payment of £9.00 which includes full postage and packing and vat.Then if you place an order we return the £9.00 off your first order.
Q How can I pay?

A Our primary way to pay is online through our shop Shopify, using all the mainstream cards Visa, Mastercard, Amarican Express ect or if you like we can simply take your card details over the telephone.

We also can offer a 21 day term of credit but all first payments must be proformer.