We have provided our boxes to a number of high profile clients. Please note that these are just some of our printed and label sets. Call us on 01245 922 003 to discuss your particular requirements and our team will assist you in your selection. Printing takes around 7-10 days but, depending on requirements, may be turned around a lot quicker.

These are just samples of our work - view  a full list of  our clients.

Ascot Red Bull Air Race

Most recently we supplied boxes for the Red Bull Air Races at Ascot.

This was done with labels applied to the boxes so that we could reduce the cost on the small quantity being supplied. With printing, the larger the order the cheaper it becomes per box but we can affix labels to offset small quantity orders.

The customer was very pleased with the finished article. The amount we charged included us fitting labels to both sides of each box. Labels also allow the customer to use more colours if they need to without incurring additional cost.

Please note that we can supply tablecloths in a range of different sizes, colours and designs.

Corrigans of Mayfair

Corrigan's of MayfairThe restaurant at Corrigan's have been a  regular customer of ours for many years, using our boxes for bespoke picnics complete with a butler!.

View a full list of our clients

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